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Product availability notification request

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Product availability notification request

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2016.11.01 ~ 2016. 12.01 (오전 09:10 / 인천국제공항)
Mobile phone number
82-10- 1234-1234


  • - Visit [My Account > My orders >Product availability alerts] to viewyour product availability notification settings.
  • - Product availability is updated every hour and product availability messages are sent between 09:00 and 18:00 (KST) according to availability report results.
  • - A product availability notification is sent only once after the item becomes available again. Please register again to receive another notification message.
  • - Customers receive product availability notification messages in order of request and period selected as products become available.
  • - Products may go out of stock again after notifications have been sent.
  • - If an item does not come back in stock within the selected period, product availability status of the airport store(Incheon, Gimpo, or Gimhae) will be sent instead.
  • - Customers who block messages from Lotte Online Duty Free on their phone may not receive notifications.
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